Can I Pair A Beer With That?

Nathan Berrong of CNN wrote a very interesting piece for Eatocracy today regarding restaurants that neglect beer on their menu. As someone who would rather pair a nice dish with a great craft beer instead of wine at times, I really appreciated his column.

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You can read his full column here but this paragraph really resonated with me:

“If a restaurant doesn’t have a carefully thought out beer menu, they are failing to understand their audience, the food and drink culture of today, and the range of flavors present in so many beers. I’m baffled when I go into a nice restaurant and the beer list mirrors the offerings of the convenience store down the street. “

I’m proud that we have some great restaurants in Atlanta that make craft beer a priority. Berrong mentioned Cakes & Ale. A couple of my favorites are Local Three and Leon’s Full Service. I also love that Bocado makes suggested beer pairings. Our city still has a long way to go as a whole and I hope we see  restaurants focus more attention on their beer program.

If you’re looking for a cold one after work today, check out our restaurant clients Corner Tavern, Tavern 99 and Livingston Restaurant + Bar. They all have a great selection.

- Billy


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