I love where I work because… #GirlBosses

In the PR industry who you work with is just as important as where you work. Working at Liz Lapidus PR I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most creative, inspiring, driven and hilarious women I’ve ever worked with. It’s one thing to love what you do, but having a support system full of wonderful people makes this “job” even better. I’ve had my fair share of jobs where everyone kept quiet, did their work and never spoke about their personal lives. When I started at LLPR a year ago I was pleased to find that an afternoon Starbucks run was almost always followed by the question, “How are you?” or “Have you seen this YouTube video?” When you work so closely with the people in y

Onward and Upward: New City, New Career

Moving to a new city to start a new career? I’ve been there, and done that. In fact, merely six weeks ago I was living in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn trying to make sense out of why my life wasn’t a romantic montage of Bob Dylan songs and Woody Allen scenes. I lived, I learned and five years later I decided to take control of my persistent discontent and make a change. I moved on, and I moved up – because taking on a new job in a new city is bigger than turning a page. It is an opportunity to start an entirely new chapter. Leave your old habits and toxic relationships behind and begin again as the person and professional you desire to be. Leave The Past In The Past There is no reason to bring nega

A Toast to Team TLC

The benefits of working in PR are endless. From the perks to the parties, we publicists are often seen as lucky and having a “glamorous” job. While the glitz and glamour certainly find their way into our photos and events, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. It’s our job to position our clients in the most positive way, helping them shine on the media stage, but at times we can find ourselves feeling spent behind the curtains. We’ve all seen the reality TV shows that depict publicists as all smiles in one scene, yet ruthless and cut-throat in the next. I am proud to say that at LLPR, that is not the case. Sure, from time to time we feel pressured, stressed, tired and have to put ou

What I Learned From Being A Mentor

For the past three years I’ve been a mentor for the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Mentoring Monday, which took place in 43 cities today. Imagine – 10 thousand women across the country connecting in one morning. It’s an early start to the day but the passion and drive I see in these women is inspiring. They ask countless questions about how I got to where I am, what were the biggest obstacles I faced, how I knew when to make the first hire and what advice I could give them to be successful. I always fire questions back -- what do they love about what they’re doing now, how could they change their current situation to make it ideal, are they living their passion? I find that with a bit of coaxi

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