Super Bowl Stats

Atlanta gets called a lot of things – the City Too Busy to Hate, Birthplace of The Civil Rights Movement and the Dirty South, to name a few. But for the first time in 19 years, it's being called the Super Bowl host city, where 10,000 volunteers will help guide an estimated one million football fans here for one big game pitting the New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams. Bars will stay open until 4 a.m., MARTA will operate nonstop and 100 venues will play host to an array of partays! New England is favored to win by 2 1/2 points, which is about on par with the last time these two teams faced off in the big game and the Patriots won by three points. That was Tom Brady's first Sup

The Big Mural Reveal

About a decade ago we planned and promoted the exhibition of a well known graffiti artist named HENSE. The day of the opening, a lawyer called threatening to send out the cops because the artist had allegedly defaced one of his client's buildings. Arresting an artist at his own opening? This I could get press for! As far as I know, no one went to jail that night, and the general consensus was fully realized at that time: graffiti was considered outsider art. Flash forward ten years. We celebrated the opening of the hottest new hotel in town, the Moxy Atlanta Midtown, this past Saturday with a mural reveal party featuring the artist GREG MIKE interviewed by Woodruff Arts Center

Welcome GreenLight Atlanta

We caught up with old friends and new last week to celebrate GreenLight Fund's launch of GreenLight Atlanta along with the mayor, civic leaders and the city's top philanthropists. Our fine city joins seven others, including Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, Philadelphia and San Francisco, in this localized, scalable initiative that seeks to identify and address the pressing needs of our region's low-income children and families. The effort will import innovative solutions from other cities and galvanize local support to incorporate these programs into the fabric of our city. Let's do this ATL!

New Year's Traditions, Celebrations & Resolutions

Happy New Year to all! As we embark on a new year, we thought we’d take a look at how other countries across the globe celebrate the start of their new year and the traditions that take place in their communities. Cubans ensure more travel opportunities in the new year by circling their house with a suitcase as the clock strikes 12. In the Philippines, round objects signify prosperity, so Filipinos wear polka dots, put coins in their pockets, and eat & display fruit such as oranges and grapefruits on New Year’s Eve. Some other traditions and celebrations are a little bit edgier in contrast… Russians take an intense approach by writing their wish for the new year on a piece of paper, burning

Hey 2019!

With 2018 in the rear view, we say to the New Year: Hey 2019! Let's start it off right by not making any resolutions. Say what? Come on! Most of us make resolutions and nearly all of us fall short of our goals. Statistics vary, but while we set out to lose weight, get fit and wake up early in the New Year, by mid-February or even mid-January we've pushed our skinny jeans to the back of the closet and we’re hitting the snooze button. This year, why not think about making your resolution a habit instead of something you check off your list? It's more sustainable, and it's a bit more scientific when you can think of it in terms of training your brain with a cue, a routine and a rewar

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