Happy National Love Your Pet Day

Pet lovers rejoice! Tomorrow is National Love Your Pet Day. If you love your pet like we love ours, you're not alone. Americans spend upwards of $70 billion on their pets. That's nearly double what we spent ten years ago. With millennials delaying marriage, they're also putting off having kids. So pets are proving to be the next best thing. And for good reason… Living with a pet decreases the chance of getting allergies. Sound crazy? Several studies reveal that children in households with pets have a 33 percent lower chance of developing a related allergy. Furthermore, children who live in homes with pets miss less school due to sickness than children who grow up in homes without pets.

My Celebrity Super Bowl Moment

Anyone check anything off the bucket list this past weekend? Maybe you attended Shaq's Fun House, his annual Super Bowl party, held this year at The Battery. Or perhaps you were one of 8,500 fans who rocked out to DirecTV's Super Saturday Night pre-Super Bowl Foo Fighters concert in the 72,000-square-foot pop-up venue that seemed to go up overnight alongside Atlantic Station. Maybe you actually attended the game. Or perhaps you skipped town altogether for a weekend on Miami Beach (I'm looking at you Todd Tautfest!) Mine was neither sports, entertainment or travel related, but will remain one of the coolest experiences I've had in a pretty darn cool career: I spent two-and-a-half hours wi

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