Our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays, friends! With just over a week until Chanukah and Christmas a few days after that, if you haven't already done so, it's time to start shopping. We're continuing our month-long celebration of our favorite things by giving you: Our favorite gifts. Sure, we gave you our favorite experiences last week. And you should absolutely do them. But gift giving is always in style, and we can help check everyone off your list -- whether they're naughty or nice! For every modernist on the list, head to Switch Modern. Our favorite West Midtown modernist mecca has Design Icons of the 20th Century – Included in Museums Around the World on display, showcasing furniture and accessories de

Our Favorite Holiday Happenings

If the idea of heading to the mall this holiday season has you curled in the fetal position, consider that holiday experiences are a great way to show the love, and they're on trend. A recent McKinsey report reveals that spending on activities has grown four times faster than spending on objects. And research of out Cornell University shows that sharing an experience with someone can make them happier in the long run over giving them something like a smartphone. In fact, customer satisfaction from a material purchases decreases rather quickly, which is why you have to upgrade to yet another new iPhone each year. But the joy from a pleasant experience lives on. We're not suggesting you g

Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! There's something really lovely about the fact that it falls squarely between Thanksgiving -- the most indulgent eating holiday -- and Art Basel -- the most over-the-top art event. It's like the universe is saying stop, drop and roll away from doing you and toward doing the right thing. With so many amazing charities to choose from, we're giving a few shout outs to some of the ones that are closest to our hearts. This is the first of our December favorite things emails. Throughout the month we'll also be highlighting some our favorite gifts and experiences. Today, we give you, our favorite charities: Helping Mamas is Georgia's baby supply bank. Consider that 3 ou

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