Check Out Our Latest Restaurant Opening

We've opened countless restaurants in our 20-plus years of business. We love the excitement in the days leading up to the big reveal. Every time we visit there's something new to see. At first you can't imagine anything great emerging from the rubble of construction. Then the walls go up, the kitchen gets installed, the tables and chairs appear, the art gets hung and a beautiful team of cooks and servers line up. And just like that: a restaurant is born. Over the years, we've learned a few valuable lessons. At the forefront? Always expect the unexpected. With so many variables in play, from construction and permitting to staffing and weather delays, there are a slew of reasons why a rest

The Greatest Food Event You Won't Want to Miss

With so many Galentine's Day events last week, it was pretty clear that women aren't waiting around for men to celebrate the woman - they're celebrating themselves. And we have plenty to cheer for - 2020 marks 100 years of a woman's right to vote. So why not paint the town red to pay homage to women? With more and more women in the workforce, on boards and holding public office, you could say we've come a long way, baby. The key to continuing to make great strides is to get more women in the room where it happens. So imagine our delight when we were asked to co-chair Lady Locavores on Sunday, March 8, to benefit the Atlanta Community Farmers Markets! This is one of our favorite event

How to Have a Sweet + Safe Valentine's Day

Hey lovebirds! If you're contributing to the $27.4 million that consumers will spend on candy, flowers and romantic dinners for Valentine's Day this year, you're not alone. On average, we will each spend $196.31 to say "I love you," which is up 21% over last year’s previous record of $161.96. Sure, we could attribute this surge in spending to a strong economy. But there seems to be another trend in play. While the biggest share of Valentine’s Day spending still goes to spouses and significant others, spending on pets has doubled over the past decade. If you're among the growing number of folks who will make Fido or Slim Kitty your Valentine -- we don't judge! But be careful. Some Valent

Hot New Restaurant Opening This Month

We are always intrigued by brands whose appeal transcends a singular audience. When we helped the fine folks at Wahlburgers with the sneak preview of their downtown eatery last week, we were particularly impressed with the appeal of Mark Wahlberg. Everyone loves this guy! Men and women. Gay and straight. Black and white. Old and young. He's simply got "it." And it got us thinking. It's our job to make brands sticky, appealing and relatable. We can't always control the end product, but we work hard to get brands on your radar and ideally to keep you coming back to them. Some are easier than others. And then there are those brands that people go gaga for. So, what makes people fall in lo

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