Zoom Fatigue

At the end of a day of Zoom calls, we're exhausted. We're not necessarily increasing the number of meetings we attend, but we are consuming them in a decidedly different format. As we continue to push out and consume great content, consider that one of the consequences of our current technology situation: fatigue. Countless articles have come out on "Zoom Gloom," from the BBC to the Wall Street Journal and Psychology Today. It seems that facing a Brady Bunch-grid on the screen has our senses working overtime. So, breath deep, get up and go for walks and simply acknowledge that we are working and living in a time that requires patience and insight. Hoping for a break from screen ti

By the numbers

Cheers to another week of doing our best. At this point, Zoom, Blue Jeans or Google Hangout is your norm. For many, it's your only "human" interaction. And for all of us, the ease with which we have adopted these virtual platforms far exceeds that of any other technology, ever. Websites, email and apps are stitched deeply into the fabric of our lives, yet none has had the overnight success of Zoom. Just like that, we are meeting, dating, dining and demonstrating how to make everything from origami to cupcakes on screens. We've seen industries like real estate, which is traditionally reliant on face-to-face interaction, pivot to online platforms. Compass Development launched with the

Some of us Are Looking at The Stars

In the words of Oscar Wilde: We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. By week five of sheltering in place, we have all experienced highs and lows. And we remain inspired by the slivers of beauty. We are happy that we can provide sage counsel to our clients, a sounding board to friends and, hopefully, a little comic relief to anyone who listens as we tell the same jokes over and over again. We continue being glued to our screens for news, insight, inspiration, humor and simple human interaction. Most of us have put a holiday or two in the rear view, and many of us did so on our screens. While the Jews Zoomed Passover seders on Thursday, a star-studded

Look Who's Doing Good In The World

Hello again, friends. We made it through another week. Some of you are alone, reaching out to friends and family through phone calls, texts and Zoom. Hang in there! Others are sharing close quarters and adjusting to the new cadence of being together 24/7. We feel for you, too. We all have our stories. We're cheering on the front-liners who are servicing the community and those in need. I'm talking about restaurant workers feeding those less fortunate, to healthcare providers risking your lives to see patients, as well as non-profit administrators and supermarket employees. We're all in this together. We continue to be inspired by our friends at Helping Mamas, Georgia's only baby

Kyle's Inside Scoop Into The Life As A LLPR Intern

When I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Public Relations, I knew exactly what I wanted to do but had minimal experience doing it. Public Relations is a competitive field with very little diversity, and I found myself struggling to find opportunity. Then one day, like a guardian angel, my sister informed me of a very respected and well-known boutique PR firm – Liz Lapidus PR. The more I researched Liz Lapidus PR and its impressive client list, the more I was intrigued by the company. Being a young, eager graduate, I took a chance and shot over an email to the ladies of LLPR to see if I could possibly shadow for a day or become a future intern. I was nervous about what

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