Wellness Wednesday: Tips to Improve your Overall Wellness

Happy Wednesday! Wellness is essential to help balance different aspects of our life. Mental, physical, social and emotional health are all connected, and the last few months may have presented challenges in finding satisfaction in these areas of our life. Here are some tips for practicing wellness today and every day: Make your own wellness rules Health looks different for everyone, including emotional, physical, intellectual, financial, social, spiritual and occupational areas of our life. It can be a daily battle to balance all those areas. We are all unique and different, meaning our wellness rules will be different as well. Identifying activities and habits that are the most restorative

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The Days of Awe, starting with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur, are a time for reflection. We ask ourselves: was I the best person I could be, and, how can I be better in the coming year? With Covid, civil unrest and a divisive election, it's hard to imagine finding the strength to improve on yourself when it feels like every day presents more challenges. We're all struggling to simply get by. But when you dig in to history, it's clear that we've marked the Days of Awe through countless hardships. And moving forward, while this sometimes feels like the end of the world, there are always upsides to living through hard times. We will get through this. During the downtime of fasting an

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HOSPITALITY / FOOD & BEVERAGE: The Ugly (and Glorious) Truth About American Supermarkets (New York Times) In his new book, “The Secret Life of Groceries,” Benjamin Lorr argues that the kale chips and shade-grown coffee sold at supermarkets define who we are. You’ll have to excuse Mr. Lorr, 41, if he feels an equal sense of awe and dread about the American supermarket. The Pandemic Shifts Priorities for Community Supported Brewery Elsewhere Brewing in Grant Park (Eater Atlanta) When Elsewhere Brewing opens next month at the Beacon in Grant Park, owners Sam and Sara Kazmer hope the brewery and taproom do more for the community than simply serve beer. After traveling throughout Europe and hangi


Happy fall, y'all. The first day of the most beautiful season in Atlanta comes shrouded by the sad news that we lost an icon over the weekend. It hit many of us hard. I've heard from friends who screamed so loudly they scared their dogs. I blurted out an expletive, which prompted a scolding by the lovely 12-year-old daughter of the family with whom we were celebrating Rosh Hashana. In a weird way, I needed to be reminded that I'm an adult, because I was on the verge of a total meltdown. After they left, the tears came. Like, ugly tears and heaving sobs. I simply wasn't ready. Not with Covid and wildfires, hurricanes and civil unrest. It's just too much. But the overarching theme of t

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HOSPITALITY / FOOD & BEVERAGE: A Marietta Couple Transforms a 1920s Gas Station Into a Socially Distant Cocktail Bar (Eater Atlanta)A cocktail bar and lounge calledthe Third Doorrecently opened inside a restored 1920s gas station on Church Street just off of Marietta Square. Owners Ted and Lara Ferreira wanted to tap into the clandestine days ofProhibition-era speakeasies and the uninhibited glamour of the Roaring ’20s with the decor and cocktail menu for the Third Door. Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Is On (Restaurant Informer)After COVID-19 postponed the 10th annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival in May, the festival has been reimagined with a series of seminars and socially distanced meals Se

Happy New Year

The Jewish holidays are upon us, and I've been struggling with what it looks like to celebrate during the time of Covid. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. We eat apples and honey to make it a sweet one. We commune with friends and family for food and prayer. And, in normal times, we sit shoulder to shoulder in synagogue to hear the sounding of the shofar (ram's horn played like a bugle) and reflect on the past year. In the time of Covid, we'll still eat and pray, but we'll watch the service at home on our screens. Our home has become a classroom, office, gym, yoga studio, dog house and therapy couch. How do we now turn it into a place of worship? Looking back at Passover, when the

Tips for Managing Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Together, we are going through an experience that we have never faced before. To use the phrase made popular by COVID-19 quarantine: these are unprecedented times. Even as we reach several months into the pandemic, it isn’t necessarily easier to deal with. COVID-19 is still as scary, confusing and prevalent as ever. New challenges may arise as we deal with COVID-19: Fall Edition. Many of us are figuring out working or schooling from home for the first time. Some are still stuck living with their families for the time being and others are moving into dorms with a lingering fear of shutdown at any moment. The pandemic has left us all hyperaware of our physical health, but it is just as importa

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HOSPITALITY / FOOD & BEVERAGE: Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Offers Online Seminars With a Little Local Flavor (Nashville Scene) I miss food festivals, especially the ones that were within driving distance so that I could haul home a lot of food and drink items that I discovered during culinary explorations of a different city. One of my absolute favorites has been the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, an event that I’ve attended every year since its inaugural edition in 2011. Irwin Street Market Stall Academy Coffee Is Relocating to Virginia-Highland (Eater Atlanta) Eastside Beltline coffee counter Academy Coffee closes Sunday, September 13, at Irwin Street Market in the Old Fourth Ward. Owner C

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HOSPITALITY / FOOD & BEVERAGE: The Original and Last Remaining Octane Coffee Closes for Good (Eater Atlanta) It’s the end of an era, as the last remaining Octane coffee shop closes after nearly 17 years at its original location on Marietta Street, the Atlanta Business Chronicle first reported Tuesday evening. The beloved Atlanta coffee brand was acquired by Revelator Coffee Company from founders Tony and Diane Riffel four years ago. Reimagined Food & Wine Festival set for Sept. 10-19 (Atlanta InTown) In light of COVID-19 and in an effort to give back to the restaurant community its celebrated for the past 10 years, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (AF&WF) will hold a series of digital semina

Wakanda Forever

I was sitting at the far end of the arena and my friends were chatting on horseback taking a break from their lesson. They were far enough away that I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Then one word seemed to bounce across the vast divide: colonoscopy. I turned to the other spectators and said what we were all thinking -- in light of breaking news, we all need to get checked out. We lost a superhero at a time when we need great role models the most. Chadwick Boseman had been battling colon cancer since 2016. During that time, he underwent surgeries and chemotherapy while bringing us amazing performances as Thurgood Marshall in "Marshall," James Brown in "Get On Up" and King

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