A Toast to Team TLC

The benefits of working in PR are endless. From the perks to the parties, we publicists are often seen as lucky and having a “glamorous” job. While the glitz and glamour certainly find their way into our photos and events, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. It’s our job to position our clients in the most positive way, helping them shine on the media stage, but at times we can find ourselves feeling spent behind the curtains. We’ve all seen the reality TV shows that depict publicists as all smiles in one scene, yet ruthless and cut-throat in the next. I am proud to say that at LLPR, that is not the case. Sure, from time to time we feel pressured, stressed, tired and have to put our best foot forward when our worst feels blistered and two steps behind in a broken stiletto. There are days when we find our best work criticized and our worst fears realized, but together, we rise above. We support each other from dawn until dusk and even late into the evening, helping our co-workers with heavy client loads or surprising the team with treats from Starbucks. Liz has built a company culture around health and happiness – from our minds to our bodies and yes, even our pets. We follow suit and frequently can be found working out together, laughing hysterically or taking on extra work for someone who needs time to rest. I truly feel that it is because of this that we are as successful as we are. When we are well-rested, nourished, supported and encouraged, we do better work for our clients, which is just a good business practice. With that said, I’ve worked a hard nine-hour day and I’m off to enjoy dinner with a friend, while a few other team members are bonding at a fundraiser. Cheers!

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