Onward and Upward: New City, New Career

Moving to a new city to start a new career? I’ve been there, and done that. In fact, merely six weeks ago I was living in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn trying to make sense out of why my life wasn’t a romantic montage of Bob Dylan songs and Woody Allen scenes. I lived, I learned and five years later I decided to take control of my persistent discontent and make a change. I moved on, and I moved up – because taking on a new job in a new city is bigger than turning a page. It is an opportunity to start an entirely new chapter. Leave your old habits and toxic relationships behind and begin again as the person and professional you desire to be.

Leave The Past In The Past

There is no reason to bring negativity from your former hometown to your new town. No one will have any knowledge of soured relationships, burned bridges and painful incidents from your past. Be here now. Take full advantage of your new lot in life by building out an existence founded on positive experiences. Your rejuvenated career and social life will acknowledge you for the effort.

Focus On Your Health

The days ahead will include many new and exciting challenges, so let go of the same limitations that defined your life prior to the move. Dedicate some attention to your own wellness. It’s likely your new city will offer plenty of opportunities to improve your life -- from arts and food festivals to yoga in the park and charity events. Consider your interests: things that bring you joy and things that keep you motivated. Physical, spiritual, and emotional health are all connected, and supporting one supports the others.

Begin Networking Immediately

Start networking with your professional peers as soon as possible. Forming an entirely new network from scratch can seem overwhelming, but adopting a confident and creative attitude will pay off quickly. When making new professional connections, take a vigorous interest in who they are and what they do. Not only will this help to inspire a more engaging discussion, but you will find professional qualities and skill sets you have in common.

Engage Your Local Community

You might not have related to your city’s local culture in the past, but hopefully you moved to a city with more potential for compatibility. Keep an eye out for community events, local celebrations and popular hotspots. Getting into the habit of staying active in your local community will allow you to acclimate and enjoy your new home more. The key to becoming adjusted is to keep meeting new and interesting people, all the while making a positive impression.

And remember, while making a big move can make you feel vulnerable, you are writing a really amazing life story.

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