I love where I work because… #GirlBosses

In the PR industry who you work with is just as important as where you work. Working at Liz Lapidus PR I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most creative, inspiring, driven and hilarious women I’ve ever worked with. It’s one thing to love what you do, but having a support system full of wonderful people makes this “job” even better.

I’ve had my fair share of jobs where everyone kept quiet, did their work and never spoke about their personal lives. When I started at LLPR a year ago I was pleased to find that an afternoon Starbucks run was almost always followed by the question, “How are you?” or “Have you seen this YouTube video?” When you work so closely with the people in your office you become invested in their lives and vice versa. This only translates to a stronger team dynamic and I know I could call anyone in this office at 10 a.m. or 10 p.m. to help with a client project or a personal crisis.I was fortunate enough to find the perfect balance between loving where I work, loving what I do and loving who I work with and I look forward to growing with this already awesome team of #GirlBosses.

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