Tips to Focus

Tips to Focus

Between office parties, end-of-year deadlines and the deluge of holiday gift guides that are flooding your inbox, the end of the year can be the most challenging time to stay focused. Yet the ability to stay focused is what makes great leaders great.

Here are five tips to stay focused now.


Breathing is proven to promote clearer thinking and reduce stress.

Make lists.

In your professional as well as personal life – your tasks will feel much more manageable if you write them down and then cross them off your lists. Don’t rule this out when you leave for vacation – studies show that you’ll feel more relaxed after a vacation if you planned well.

Eliminate outside distractions.

Emails, texts and chatty co-workers can take you off your game. Commit to turning off email, hiding your phone and putting on headphones for a set amount of time every day.

Get outside.

Nature will nurture. Even if it’s just a 10-minute walk around the block, research confirming the health benefits of connecting with nature is so strong that there’s actually a name for it: Ecotherapy.

Get up early.

Early risers tend to be better planners, anticipate problems in advance, get more exercise and get better sleep.

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