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From Wedding Planner to Bridesmaid

About a year ago, and shortly after our colleague, Emma, got engaged, she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I was shocked, thrilled and nervous, but mostly excited. As a former wedding planner, most of my friends ask me to handle the timeline, logistics and rental agreements because I thrive in the details. I’ve only been in one wedding prior to this one and even then, I still handled the reception design and linen rentals as a favor to the bride. I knew Emma’s wedding was going to be different as she was more of a planner than I was and hates burdening people with tasks she’d rather do herself. I offered to help at every twist and turn in the event planning process, but of course, was encouraged to “relax and enjoy the event”—something I’ve always struggled with as an event planner. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to drop the title of wedding planner to be a member of the wedding party, but leave it to Emma to make sure everyone was stress-free and that every detail was perfect. Her and Justin’s entire wedding weekend was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception. Having planned, executed and witnessed dozens of weddings, this one was my favorite and the amount of love, pride and happiness in that room will be something I will never forget.

How did this former wedding planner trade in her clipboard for a bridesmaid’s dress and actually have fun?

  1. I was out planned. Before I could even suggest a caterer or florist, Emma was ready with a list, contacts and detailed notes of who would be involved in the ceremony and reception.

  2. I listened and waited. I knew if Emma had a real dilemma or question, that she would come to me, so I was always around to answer any questions or offer advice.

  3. What Emma wants, Emma gets. I knew she wanted her family and friends to be surprised and worry-free, so I helped as much as I could, but left the detail work to the bride and her actual wedding planner.

Mrs. Lee, thank you asking me to be a part of yours and Justin’s big day in a way that was much more rewarding than all my years as a wedding planner. Your wedding was an absolute dream and I wish nothing but happiness and love to the both of you.

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