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One LLPR Event, Two Intern Perspectives

There’s no better way to determine if the PR business is for you than by doing an internship at a boutique agency. And the best way to experience the fast-paced environment is by working a huge event. Here are two interns’ perspectives on working a major launch party for The Atlantic – condos located in the heart of Atlantic Station. The common denominator seems to be initial jitters that were quickly surpassed by awe.

Taylor Zollo


Going into my first LLPR event and my first-ever PR event, I was nervous to say the least. I knew I would be working the RSVP and check-in table and I quickly realized what a fast-paced environment really looked like. After setting up, I took my seat at the check-in table and was ready to greet guests who would start pouring into The Atlantic Launch event. At first I was overwhelmed by all of the faces but within minutes, I noticed that Hilary and Emma were greeting guests by their first names. I can’t wait to be working in the PR industry long enough to be able to do that. As guests returned from their private tours, I could hear and feel the buzz of excitement surrounding the new luxury condos that were for sale. Overall, I couldn’t have had a better first experience and I look forward to the next LLPR event with NY Times Best Selling Author, Holly Peterson, for her book launch. Hope to see you there!

Jenny Guffy

Jenny As I got ready to work my first PR event I couldn’t help but feel the nerves start to kick in. As a first-time PR intern, I felt anxious, yet excited to work The Atlantic Launch with my fellow interns, Sophia and Taylor, and the LLPR staff. When we arrived, employees were whisked away in different directions to ensure everything was in order before the guests arrived. I was taken aback a bit by the fast-paced environment but within minutes, I jumped right in. I was stationed at the entrance to the Club Room by the truffle bar. It was the final stop on the tour and guests were pleasantly surprised to find that four of the truffle boxes contained amazing prizes like beautiful navy preserved roses from Venus ET Fleur and a $10,000 bathroom upgrade with a purchase of a condo. We got to take a break from our assigned jobs and join a tour to see the condos for ourselves. To put it simply, the condos were breathtaking. The decor was superb and views were spectacular. Chatter of the beautiful condos and laughter filled the Club Room as guests convened to enjoy catering from Atlanta Food & Wine Festival chefs and private whiskey tastings. Overall, the event was a smashing success and I am very excited to help with more events this summer!

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