Pop Up with Pumps for a Cause

Pop-up events have become wildly successful for brands as a creative, personal and engaging way to raise brand awareness. Last Wednesday, LLPR put on a wildly successful pop-up event for luxury shoe designer, Sarah Flint that created buzz and brand awareness as guests walked away eager to wear their chic, one-of-a-kind pumps, sandals, loafers and flats. Follow our pop-up pointers to create a fabulous, successful pop-up event that people will be raving about for months to come.

Align with other brands: To create a smashing pop-up, it is important to align with other brands. For the Sarah Flint event, we picked two other luxury designers whose brands complimented Sarah Flint’s style. Guests were given the opportunity to meet Sarah and shop her collection along with Atlanta designers, Keisha Noel and Mel Boteri. While Keisha Noel designs statement jewelry, Mel Boteri creates bold, exquisite leather handbags and accessories, both of which possess the bold and sophisticated flair inherent of the Sarah Flint brand. Having multiple designers at one event put smiles on guests’ faces as they purchased everything they could ever need to accessorize any outfit. Guests walked away delighted knowing they had just purchased the perfect pair of pumps, sparkly, pendant necklace and flashy, leather tote to add to their wardrobe.

Support a non-profit: Audiences will be more inclined to participate and purchase when the pop-up event is aligned with a good cause. For the Sarah Flint event, a portion of sales from the evening went to benefit UNICEF. Guests at the event were ready to purchase the shoes they had been eyeing from Sarah’s latest collection knowing a portion of their purchase would go to benefit a child in need.

Enlist a go-getter host committee: While you can send out countless RSVPs, a pop-up event requires a personal touch. To ensure guests show-up and engage in the experience, you need a fabulous host committee. For the Sarah Flint event, the host committee consisted of LLPR owner and founder Liz Lapidus, freelance journalist and media specialist Kim Bartlett, fundraising professional Ginny Brewer, and former CEO and founder of Intimacy Susan Nethero. Together, they invited friends and colleagues who were ready to shop. In addition to the guest list, they also helped to plan the experience, including the décor, location and catering—details that take an event from blasé to smash hit.

When done right, pop-ups can be creative, fun and fiercely successful events that take consumer brand engagement to a whole new level.

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