The Future is Good

The Future Is Good

The #LLPRGirlGang had an amazing time at Plywood Presents where they were among over 1,000 social entrepreneurs, activists, change-makers and culture-shapers at Symphony Hall. Keep reading for what Hilary, Emma and Taylor took away from this inspiring two-day conference. Hilary:

I loved the Plywood Presents conference! It was such an inspiring time spent with my colleagues and a lot of the speakers had messages that really resonated with us. My favorite session was with Herve Humler, the founder and president of Ritz Carlton. He spoke about how the term “luxury” in the hospitality industry is shifting from decor (like marble countertops and chandeliers) to focusing on individualization and personal touches. And as long as your staff is selected because they believe in the dream and ideas of your company, keeping your customers happy will be that much easier. Teamwork really does make the dream work!


Time was well spent yesterday at The Plywood Presents 2017 conference. I loved hearing from Branden Harvey, a storyteller focused on the good in the world. Harvey created the Good Newspaper, a quarterly newspaper that tackles telling meaningful stories that matter. From a breakthrough in HIV/AIDS research to China’s decision to outlaw ivory trade by the end of the year, the Good Newspaper covers stories that are making a positive impact on our world. So while your consumed with the news cycle that covers the latest terrorist attack, take a minute to remember there is good happening all of the world and ready for you to read into it.


The Plywood Presents 2017 Conference was truly eye opening and inspirational. As a film junkie at heart, my favorite session was hearing from Emmy Award winning writer for The Simpsons, Joel Cohen. I’m fascinated by comedians and especially those who can keep us all rolling with laughter for 25 years straight (Yes, I have never experienced life without The Simpsons). Aside from many belly laughs, I learned from Joel to keep things light hearted and to always be present in your everyday routine. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, we only get one shot!

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