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#LLPRGirlGang's Trip to Savannah

This weekend the #LLPRGirlGang hit the open road to visit our newest hospitality client, The DeSoto Savannah! Nestled just minutes from the historic Forsyth Park and surrounded by horse-drawn carriages, antebellum architecture and oak trees dripping in Spanish moss, The DeSoto Savannah Hotel’s guest services and “Sotherly Hosts” created the perfect destination for our weekend trip. Keep reading for what Hilary, Emma and Taylor took away from this “work trip…” if you can even call it that!

Emma: Minutes after arriving, our Sotherly host pointed us toward Broughton Street for fabulous shopping and of course, cocktails. From the cutest little boutiques to fan favorites like H&M, it was the perfect way to waste a few hours with drinks in hand. Paris Market & Brocante made for a perfect après-shopping rendezvous for a classic macaron and glass of champs. We headed back for The Desoto and spent the evening in true Savannah style, with tapas, cocktails and wonderful company. The hospitality that surrounds from Savannah is unlike anywhere else - they definitely have southern charm down to a tee.

Taylor: Visiting Savannah was like going back in time, and in the best way possible! From beautiful antebellum homes, antique shops on every corner and Forrest Gump impersonators, I had the most incredible time. On Friday evening, the LLPR team took a “Sip n’ Stroll” (#opencontainer), led by The DeSoto’s Southern host, Kolin. At the beginning of the stroll, Kolin briefed us on TheDeSoto’s history and then lead us through the historic squares surrounding the hotel. Aside from being absolutely breathtaking, the simplicity of the city and original architecture left us daydreaming about what was the Old South. Thanks Savannah, you were a real treat!

Hilary: I had an amazing time with Emma and Taylor in Savannah! I’ve only ever visited for St. Patrick’s Day so this was a great opportunity to get reacquainted with this beautiful city… and one I would actually remember! My favorite part of the trip was how beautiful and picturesque every street was. From the “Sip & Stroll” with Kolin to the dinner at Edgar's Proof & Provision and the views from our room, there were almost to many photo ops for me and my camera to keep up with-- get ready for some #TBT envy on my Instagram!

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