Candlefish at Ponce City Market

Last night the #LLPRGirlGang headed to Candlefish at Ponce City Market for a private candle making class. Our first stop was Brezza Cucina for some amazing tapas (pass the best kale salad in the city, please) and then a short walk down to The Tap for drinks. Did we mentions it’s BYOB at Candlefish? #sold.

Once we arrived at Candlefish, we suited up in the cutest aprons and ventured into the library to choose our scents. Taylor chose a holiday inspired scent (think Christmas tree wonderland), Hilary went with a clean, crisp scent (the fanciest spa you’ve ever been to) and Emma chose a masculine scent (Candlefish’s nickname: Sexy Man).

Then we began the step by step process of making our candles with the help of our Chandler, Jessie.

  • Step 1: Measure your oil

  • Step 2: Pour the Wax

  • Step 3: Measure the wax (your oil to wax ratio is very important!)

  • Step 4 Mix your oil and wax. Whisk away!

  • Step 5: Let your wax and oil cool to 105 degrees

  • Step 6: Enjoy your cocktails

  • Step 7: Pour your wax into your candle jar

We finished off the evening with a little history lesson. You know the recycled wine bottle candles, Rewined, everyone is obsessed with? Same company! The founder opened Candlefish in Charleston after searching for the perfect boutique to sell Rewined and shortly thereafter headed to Atlanta. Be sure to stop by the store and visit the candle library soon!

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