Vendor Spotlight: Christophe's

Having worked in the events industry for nearly seven magical and stressful years, I’m always thrilled to come across a vendor who can take a client’s vision and my perfectionist tendencies and create a beautiful moment. The best vendors are the ones who can do that seamlessly and with a smile on their face. Insert, Christophe’s, one of our favorite caterers to work with! From small scale and intimate Media Previews to huge Grand Openings with fire breathers and aerialists (yes, we can make that happen!) they provide a custom menu, friendly staff and tons of suggestions and contacts to help elevate an event. All their menu items are delicious and creative, but I am partial to their chicken salad sandwiches, smoked salmon on cucumbers and chocolate tarts— and the best part? They can also deliver freshly prepared meals to your home! Just pop it in the oven-- no shopping, no prep, and hot meals ready at your fingertips-- perfect for our ever-changing event schedules! Look for Chef Christophe and his staff at some of our upcoming events and for more information visit:

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