Walkin’ and Rockin’ Around the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Garden Lights Holiday Nights

Every December, the LLPR Girl Gang gets out of the office and connects with nature. Well, sort of… Really, it’s to enjoy the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Garden Lights Holiday Nights exhibit. After a day of brainstorming, planning and goal setting for 2018, we bundle up in coats, hats and scarves to walk around the garden admiring the lights, laughing and drinking spiked apple cider (we're just a little naughty). It’s a great way for the team to bond and the experience is always fresh. Beyond the beauty, here are some fun facts that you may not know:

This year, Garden Lights, Holidays Nights unveiled the world’s largest synchronized curtain of light. Suspended from treetops and choreographed to music and sound effects are hundreds of strings of light 16- to 64-feet long and containing more than 70,000 color-changing LED light pixels. It took more than 100 hours to synchronize the lights with the music and sound effects – it’s show stopping!

The Garden anticipates welcoming its one millionth visitor since the show began seven years ago.

Attendance is up 40% over 2016

They donate 1,000 tickets to charities, including the Atlanta Community Food Bank to offer its community gardeners, the City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation Department for its Senior program and Friends of Refugees to share with refugee families.

The show contains more than 2 million LED lights.

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