Holiday Transitions & Traditions

As the LLPR team heads into the holiday season, we’re reflective of seasons past and looking forward to creating new traditions. When we sat down to talk about our holiday plans there was a commonality – we’re all in transition. Liz is moving, Emma and Hilary are with great guys, Hannah is graduating and Taylor finds her family spread across the world this year. Change is good, and we are grateful for the great times we’ve had and the amazing experiences that are yet to come.

Liz: This holiday season is marked by moving out of the Inman Park home I’ve owned for over a decade. Nothing like a move in the middle of the holidays, right? I’m excited to bring the furniture and art that’s lived with celebrity renters for the past two years into Jeff’s and my home.


We’ll spend our first married Christmas creating new traditions to carry out for years to come. Christmas morning breakfast was always a big deal for both of us when we were growing up, so we’re excited to create our own menu that we’ll cook every year from here on out. Justin's already requested all the carbs: biscuits and gravy, homemade cinnamon rolls and sausage cream cheese croissants.


This year I’ll be celebrating the holidays with my family in Lawrenceville and with my boyfriend’s family at their new mountain home in Blairsville. I’m excited to create new traditions surrounded by the people I love-- and Charlie, of course!


This year I’ll be spending my first Christmas as a post-grad! I’m looking forward to kicking off this new season of life by vacationing with friends and spending quality time with loved ones. First stop, the Bahamas!


With my family spread across the world this Christmas (literally, you can find us in Atlanta, California and Australia), I’ll be spending the holidays at home with my fur babies and friends with plenty of FaceTime’s sharing our highs, lows and hopes for the New Year.

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