What Does LLPR Love?

In between bites of chocolate, handfuls of conversation hearts and our Spotify L-O-V-E jam sessions we sat down to discuss what each of us is "in love" with right now!

Liz: I love Oculus, the Santiago Calatrava-designed luxury shopping center and transportation hub on the site that was formerly the World Trade Center. It feels like you’re in the belly of a whale. On a recent weekend trip to NYC with my husband, I just stood there breathing it in. I’m fascinated by the ever-changing state of retail and firmly believe that, while online shopping will continue to shutter some stores, incredible brands will thrive by creating immersive experiences amid great design. I’m looking forward to a really exciting retail event THIS Friday when the Dutch artist Joris Laarman comes to Switch Modern, on the eve before his opening at the High Museum of Art. This is the second collaboration between our client Switch and the High, the first being when they curated a Jaimie Hayon furniture exhibit before his art opening at the High. This time we’re curating Dutch lighting and serving Heineken and Gouda. Come by – you’ll love it!

Hilary: I can't get enough of the NEW Queer Eye reboot on Netflix! I'll even go so far as to say that it's better than the original show that aired on Bravo back in 2003. Not only is it filmed all over Georgia, but it's hilarious, deep, political, endearing and chocked full of inspiration. Me and my boyfriend Matt laughed (and cried) through almost every episode and my head is still spinning with all kinds of design ideas. I can't wait for Season 2.

Emma: I'm obsessed with Apple's new HomePod and Home app. As someone who loves organization, technology and design this is the perfect intersection of the three. I can't wait to make our home even smarter.

Taylor: I can't start my day without listening to "The Morning Breath" podcast! Hosted by Jackie Oshry and Claudia Oshry-Soffer, these sisters bring the perfect mix of pop culture, news and humor to listeners daily. And how cute is the name? Everything you need to know before you smell your morning breath.

Hannah: I'm loving the Atlanta Monster podcast! Payne Lindsey, from Kennesaw (Go Owls!), takes you through the Atlanta child murders of the '80s while leaving you questioning everything you thought you knew about them.

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