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Take It Away Public Kitchen & Bar

Last weekend was one for the books! We had an amazing time launching Public Kitchen & Bar into the Atlanta food scene with the Savannah-based restaurant's newest location at Phipps Plaza. It was a busy three days full of media interviews, a VIP cocktail party and intimate Friends & Family lunch and dinner services before doors officially opened on Monday, March 5!

The mid-century modern design of this space is something straight out of Mad Men and a theme we knew we could play into when creating "takeaways" for guests to leave with. It's always nice to have a little something to remember an event by so we worked with the restaurant's creative director, Robby Perkins to design custom matchbooks, postcards, bar coasters and poker chips!

You can never have too many matchbooks lying around, so that was a no-brainer, but we wanted something unique that would excite guests and have them coming back into the restaurant once the festivities ended so we created custom poker chips that can be redeemed towards anything on the menu! The postcards and coasters were fun pieces we used to incorporate the unique qualities of the restaurant including:

  • The family farm-to-table burgers sourced directly from the managing partner’s family farm in Glennville, Georgia

  • Their private elevator that takes guests straight down to Phipps’ parking garage

  • The restaurant’s NoWait app that let’s guests skip the wait list so there’s more time to shop while waiting for a table

Everyone loved walking away with something to remember the evening by and we loved creating these custom pieces that tied into the restaurants theme and commitment to true southern hospitality.

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