#LLPRGirlGang's Summer Travels

In between planning over-the-top Grand Openings, media meet-and-greets and writing.... lots of writing, the #LLPRGirlGang has made some pretty fabulous travel plans. Here's an inside look at where we'll be when you see those "Out of Office" replies in your inbox. Who’s luggage would you like to stowaway on?

Liz: I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Italy this May with my husband and the consummate Italian hostess, Annette Joseph, and her husband Frank. Annette is already mapping out all the things we’ll do, including truffle hunting, cooking and shopping. She’s just come out with her second book, “Cocktail Italiano,” the ultimate guide to apperitivo along the Italian Riviera, so – appropriately enough – we’ll also be partaking in the art of apperitivo, which is the time between lunch and late dinner when Italians sip cocktails and enjoy nibbles. This is actually a two-part trip: The first half is vacation, and the second is a styling workshop at Annette’s home, “La Fortezza.” So, it’s a little bit of all of my favorite things and I can’t wait to get there!

Hilary: My favorite place to travel will always be the beach and this year is no different. With one trip to Pensacola Beach complete, I have two more fun-filled beach trips coming up and lots of seafood in my future. I can’t wait to dive into a new book (send all murder mystery recommendations my way) and indulge in some treats like the Byrd Cookies I brought with me on my last vacay! Everyone loved them and they were bursting with key lime flavor—perfect for the beach!

Emma: This year we’re switching up our regularly scheduled beach trip and heading on a new adventure – 10 days island-hopping in the British Virgin Islands. We’ll be chartering our own boat so I’m excited for quality time with family, relaxing afternoon sails and breath-taking views. Obviously, SPF is my number one necessity so I won't be leaving the states without Pure MD’s Protected Presence.

Hannah T: Once the weather starts to get warm, I crave the ocean breeze! After just getting back from a Western Caribbean cruise, I'm already planning a beach trip for my birthday in July. I'm compiling my summer reading and podcast lists, but one thing I don’t have to worry about is a dancing playlist since I have our awesome LLPR Spotify channel to listen to. With everyone's favorite songs, I get a little bit of everything to enjoy while laying out and soaking up the sun!

Hannah J: Spring has (finally) sprung and I couldn’t be more thrilled to inject some life into my wardrobe. Just in time, Tootsies comes through with endless style inspo for the spring and summer seasons. Every summer, my family and I make our way up the coast where we spend some quality time together at my grandparent’s summer house on an island off the coast of Maine. We sail, over indulge in lobster and sunbathe on the beautiful rocky beaches. There’s nothing like soaking up the sun while reading a great book and jamming to my favorite 70’s playlist. I live in sun dresses while I’m there because they’re effortless and that makes my vacay that much more enjoyable. Needless to say, I can’t wait to shop Tootsies latest summer trends and then hit the beach!

Taylor: I promised myself that 2018 would be the year of travel and so far, I’ve made plans to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hawaii this summer – knocking off a few “bucket list” items while enjoying the sun and sea. My beach essentials this year include a Raffia Basket bag, my go-to Aussie sun hat and Emily Giffin’s new book All We Ever Wanted (available June 26!).

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