The Bird Is The Word

We love the idea of a car-free city. And if you are among those who spend the estimated 72 hours per year in your car that ranks Atlanta as the fourth worst commute in the nation - you might want to stop reading... This one's for the intowners: Intrigued by those electric scooters you've seen flying around Atlanta? The company is called The Bird, and here's how they work: With the tap of an app you can find Birds in Midtown, Tech Square, Downtown and south of I-20. Lucky for us, a few Birds showed up outside our door and we, of course, took them for a spin!

You pay $1 to start each ride, then 15 cents per minute afterwards. Bird employees store them overnight at 8 p.m. and return them to “nests” at 7 a.m. the following day. Helmets and drivers licenses are required by law (Bird will provide helmets on request). They are capped at 15 mph, and they’ll fly about 15 miles per charge. The really cool part? Bird has pledged to remit $1 per scooter, per day, to city governments to help build permanent bike lanes, maintain infrastructure and promote safety. Now you know!

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