New Year's Traditions, Celebrations & Resolutions

Happy New Year to all! As we embark on a new year, we thought we’d take a look at how other countries across the globe celebrate the start of their new year and the traditions that take place in their communities.

Cubans ensure more travel opportunities in the new year by circling their house with a suitcase as the clock strikes 12. In the Philippines, round objects signify prosperity, so Filipinos wear polka dots, put coins in their pockets, and eat & display fruit such as oranges and grapefruits on New Year’s Eve.

Some other traditions and celebrations are a little bit edgier in contrast…

Russians take an intense approach by writing their wish for the new year on a piece of paper, burning that piece of paper and then putting the ashes into a glass of champagne and drinking it. South Africans take “out with the old, and in with the new” to a whole new level as people in Johannesburg throw old furniture and appliances out their window.

But, one thing that all citizens have in common is to set New Year’s resolutions, so here are some from the #LLPRGirlGang:

Liz: Setting intentions – not resolutions – this year. I will have faith and be fearless!!

Taylor: My 2018 resolution was to change “I want” to “I will.” This year, I will keep the momentum going and continue to make things happen! Oh, and I will complete a month of Whole30…wish me luck!

Amel: Baking has always been a hobby of mine, so in the new year I would like to master my craft—this includes bringing in my baked goods to the office and using my co-workers as test bunnies! In a relational aspect, I want to check in on friends more often.

Jackie: This is my first year here in Atlanta, so one of my resolutions is to branch out and solidify friendships in the new city. I also want to lend a helping hand to charities that mean the most to me like Atlanta Humane Society and Dress for Success.

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