Happy National Love Your Pet Day

Pet lovers rejoice! Tomorrow is National Love Your Pet Day. If you love your pet like we love ours, you're not alone. Americans spend upwards of $70 billion on their pets. That's nearly double what we spent ten years ago. With millennials delaying marriage, they're also putting off having kids. So pets are proving to be the next best thing. And for good reason… Living with a pet decreases the chance of getting allergies. Sound crazy? Several studies reveal that children in households with pets have a 33 percent lower chance of developing a related allergy. Furthermore, children who live in homes with pets miss less school due to sickness than children who grow up in homes without pets. Owning a pet can improve your heart health, lower blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, all of which can lower the chance of a heart attack. We're a pet-friendly office and walking our dogs around the block is a great way to take a work break, get exercise and meet people. Offices with dogs tend to have higher employee morale and retention. They're a great benefit to draw new employees and promote a fun corporate culture. Of course, we at LLPR love our pets every day. We plan to indulge them with treats and good loving on National Love Your Pet Day as we do every day. We hope you do, too!

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