Celebrating Women

The other night we hosted a media meet-up at the new AC Hotel Atlanta Midtown to introduce some of our favorite PR peeps to a new reporter at GPB. Virginia Prescott moved here from New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR). She had done an amazing interview with our client, Michael Coles and, as much as we wanted to keep her all to ourselves, we knew the right thing to do was to share. Virginia was a delight, meeting friends and - like any great reporter - asking tons of questions. One in particular struck me, as it does any time anyone asks (and they often do): "How come all the PR folks in Atlanta are so nice to each other?" First of all, we PR peeps in the ATL truly like each other. It's not an easy job, and who better to laugh (or cry!!) about it to than someone who understands that while everyone else is enjoying a party, you're working (it!)? But perhaps it's the fact that the PR industry is comprised of up to 75% women. And countless studies have shown that women tend to be more collaborative than men in the workplace. So, in the spirit of International Women's Day THIS Friday, March 8, we're giving a big shout out to all of the women who work hard for the money, and who keep pushing boundaries in farming, cooking, beauty and PR.

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