TOMORROW marks the official first day of spring and that means festival season in Atlanta. Depending on what you're looking for, from food to art and music, there's something for just about every taste. We've been based in Inman Park since our inception in 1997, so the Inman Park Festival, April 26-28, is our all-time favorite. We've handled the PR, put our house on the tour of homes, house-sat for friends on tour and taken the tour. We've hosted countless cocktail receptions before the Butterfly Ball, and attended Theater Night. One year we even drove our city councilman in the parade. Of course nothing says springtime in Atlanta like the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, April 12-14, in Piedmont Park. There's an Atlanta Grilled Cheese Festival, April 13 at Atlantic Station; Decatur Arts Festival, May 24-26; and the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, May 30-June 2. If music is your jam, there's Sweetwater 420 Fest, April 19-21, Shaky Knees Music Festival, May 3-5; Shaky Beats Music Festival, May 10-11; and the Atlanta Jazz Festival, May 25-26. Grab a bite on your favorite patio, walk the BeltLine to reach almost any of these festivals and enjoy springtime in Atlanta

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