Spring Break Travel Trends From a Travel Junkie

We love to travel. From the planning to the surprise discoveries and that sense of abandon you get when you emerge from your Uber and walk into a congested airport. Watching the comings and goings of sunburned and cornrowed college kids traveling from a beach vacay, or puffer-bundled families en route to some fabulous ski resort. It's all about discovery and adventure. We're constantly researching the hottest new travel trends: Where to go and what to do. We love to hit the major tourist attractions and we adore the off-the-beaten-path local haunts. Hotels are practically in the Lapidus blood--my grandfather, Morris Lapidus, designed some of Miami Beach's most iconic ones, including the Eden Roc and Fontainbleau. The fact that his legacy lives on in their sweeping curves, cheese holes and woggles is evidence that great hospitality stands the test of time This got us thinking. As we've been scheduling our PR events to accommodate all of the spring breakers: where are they going? So we've done some research and it seems that Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans, Miami Beach and Tokyo top the list, followed by Orlando, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu, according to the website Money.com. Influencers reporting to Refinery 29, contend that Bangkok, Barbados, Bali, Savannah, Jamaica, Mexico City, Egypt, Lisbon and Medellin are the trendy and affordable places to be. If you turn to the Travel Channel, you'll discover these seven affordable hot spots: Washington DC, Ocho Rios, Seattle, Sanibel, Playa Del Carmen, Montreal and Curacao. And according to Booking.com, over half of travelers would like to visit a destination that none of their friends have been to. It’s all lots of good food for thought. So when the time for spring travel finds you, be sure to take good notes, and post to your social media channels. Of most importance: spend it with the ones you love and enjoy.

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