Summer Travel Trends

With Memorial Day in the rear view, let the summer travel season begin! We've been promoting hotels and restaurants for more than 20 years, so we love keeping up with the latest trends and who's traveling where. The most notable traveler last week was a great white shark named Cabot, who was possibly tracked swimming in the Long Island Sound, which would be a first. Or, it possibly didn't happen at all. It seems that Ocearch - which tracks sharks via this AWESOME app - isn't always accurate. Still - a shark spotted near a beach before a big holiday weekend sounds like a great idea for a movie... We're going to need a bigger newsletter!

On to summer travel trends... In case you missed the solar eclipse in 2017, you can catch one THIS summer in South America. Chile and Argentina are directly on the path of the July 2 event. Happily, the eclipse passes through some of the continent’s best places to stargaze, which means you can follow up the afternoon delight with some stars in flight. Another fun trend is stopover travel. Carriers like Icelandair have been in the game for a while, and now new programs are popping up from Brussels Airlines and Swiss. We're not talking about churn-and-burn overnights. These airlines offer deals on hotels, so you can stay for days. Last summer, we spent six hours in Amsterdam, which was the perfect amount of time to grab an amazing lunch, hit a great museum and get back to the airport on time to blow our wad on duty free. Pop-culture travel is going strong. In fact, you can take a staycation right here in Georgia. Our pals at Atlanta Movie Tours can show you where all the film action is. Or if you're a "Game of Thrones" fan, destinations like Northern Ireland and Croatia have seen surges of visitors seeking a real-life peek at the show’s incredible backdrops. Meanwhile, "Star Wars" fans await the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland’s interactive wonderland, opening in Southern California THIS Friday. Of course we can't talk trends without talking about Millennials. It seems that one in three will spend upwards of $5 thousand on travel, which means they're spending more than any other age group. Millennials are also much more likely to try new activities when traveling, like camping or staying in a cabin in the wilderness, hosting other travelers, eco-tourism, traveling the world or even just staying in a local’s home. Where will summer travel find you?

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