One of the many perks of PR is that we get to eat out. A lot. And as hard as we try to stay on top of what's new, sometimes we get a little nostalgic for the oldies but goodies. Then the other night, over an amazing dinner at Nikolai's Roof, we got to thinking about the classics. Maybe you went there on your first date with your husband, or perhaps it was that first expense account meal you got to enjoy. Conversely - it could have been your super cheap go-to that kept you from starving when you were fresh out of school and broke. Good times - right? It didn't take too much googling to determine that we're not the only ones thinking about old times. Eater published a great roundup of classic Atlanta restaurants everyone should try. And our pal Mary Welch penned this gem on the Atlanta Insider Blog featuring 13 iconic Atlanta restaurants. Zagat published this one in 2015 (don't cry when you see Alfredo's on the list - we miss it too!!). And this one from Style Blueprint is a couple of years old as well - but good! Whether it's old-school fried chicken or a big, fat rack of lamb, Atlanta is ripe with golden oldies featuring classic cuisine. Bon appetit!

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