Every summer we find ourselves obsessed with a new app. Remember Pokemon Go? Last summer it was Shark Tracker. And we would be lying if we said we don't go down the Nextdoor rabbit hole when we need a good laugh. In fact just the other day we were mesmerized by an online debate over whether a feral beast seen running down the street was a fox or a coyote. Too bad Chris Mowry wasn't online. He would have shut that down! Because Chris isn't just the husband of our pal Lisa Mowry. And he's not just associate professor of biology at Berry College. Chris is the founder of the Atlanta Coyote Project where he tracks the urban populations of coyotes. In fact, WABE aired a great story last week about his latest endeavor to install video cameras all around the city to spy on coyotes. Do coyotes freak us out? As small dog owners, yes! But, according to everything we've read, they're here to stay. Or, as I'm sure they see it, they were here first. And like it or not, they're living among us. They roam through our city along streams and urban forests. And how cute are these puppies? Atlanta Coyote Project is a great resource for ways to co-exist with coyotes (don't let your dog out off-leash, don't leave food out and, for goodness sake, don't feed them). But the Atlanta Coyote Project is also an excellent source for coyote videos. You can find them on their Facebook page, website and YouTube. Enjoy!

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