Is Your Stress Stressing You Out?

Can you believe it's already August (says everyone!)? Time flies and we're juggling a million things. Our work continues to pile up, the emails keep pouring in and the phone never stops ringing. We work our tails off to take a vacation and then it seems like we need a vacation from our vacation. Now it's back-to-school and we're kicking off the fall social season, which means that we PR folks are in high gear. Plus, we're killing our necks staring at these darn phones. And - as if that's not enough - we have FOMO. The struggle is real, my friends. So, what do you do? Seriously - what do you do? We've taken an informal survey around the office and here are five insights. 1. Talk About It It sounds so simple, but just talking about what's stressing us out eases some of the anxiety. Talk to your friends, co-workers, random person sitting next to you on a plane. And talk to your boss. Nobody wants stressed out employees. You may be stressed at the thought of talking to your boss. But, truly - you will most likely find a very empathetic ear and ideally get some kind of reprieve. 2. Exercise Whether it's shaking your tail feathers in zumba, having an ahhhh-mazing yoga session or running like you stole it, moving is essential. Atlanta is ripe with team sports, dog parks (with bars!), trails galore and... have you heard about the Atlanta BeltLine? From these 11 Free Places to Exercise according to Thrillist to ClassPass, North Georgia's South Appalachians -- just a hour's drive away -- and the good ole' YMCA, you can just do it! 3. Sleep About a third of Americans don't get the recommended seven hours of sleep. Yet it's the time when our bodies re-boot. For some of us, it's a lifetime struggle. But for others it's symptomatic of stress. So we're stressed because we're not sleeping and we're not sleeping because we're stressed. Try a natural sleep aid like Melatonin. Turn off all your electronics - yes, that means moving your phone and iPad into the other room. Don't eat a heavy dinner. And try breathing exercises. 4. Just Say No Shonda Rhimes schooled us on this with her amazing TED Talk called "The Year of Saying Yes." But our takeaway was that she was saying no to things that didn't bring her joy, getting out of her comfort zone and spending more time with her family. We're all bombarded with requests for time, money and favors (which usually involve our time and money!). So try just saying no and making space for things that bring you joy. You can call it a pivot, new optics or just turning the lens, but it's a mindset and you need to embrace it.

5. Hug Your Dog Right? This is why we're a pet friendly office. Nothing eases our stress like a big, fat dog embrace. Plus, having a dog in the office forces us to get outside and walk, which also requires us to breath and say no to anything stopping us from peeling away from our desks. Bottom line? You can't control everything. And some stressors are insurmountable. But you can control a lot of it. Welcome to August! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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