If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck - right? Not necessarily.... One of the hottest food trends right now is meatless meat. Companies like The Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are booming, with sales increasing by 26% in just a year. And while veggie burgers have been around for decades (I'm looking at you Houston's), plant-based burgers that look and taste like real meat are the next generation. One driver to the craze is meat’s effect on the environment. Livestock cultivation generates a huge amount of greenhouse gas. In fact, a recent United Nations climate report shifted the focus on climate change toward land use, stating that the way we use land is playing a significant role in global warming. The report contends that if we change our diets, reducing red meat and increasing plant-based foods, the world can save as much as 15% of current emissions by mid-century. Cue the ghost kitchen-turned-food truck-turned-brick-and-mortar Instagram star that is Slutty Vegan, opening its third location in a 1,500 square-foot space, just blocks from us in the Old Fourth Ward, THIS December. We're beyond thrilled to see (taste!) what diners have been queuing up for blocks for. It's impressive. To say the least! So, whether you're trying to save the world, get healthy or just follow the trend, follow the lines to the Slutty Vegan at its current or upcoming locations.

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