We are huge fans of the arts -- patronizing the city's great galleries and museums and cheering on the arts community for making it happen. We love working in an office full of art and hitting the BeltLine, just steps from our office, to experience the city's most exciting outdoor art installation. And in researching the impact of the arts for a client this week, we discovered some interesting trends. Art collecting is on the rise. But who are these elusive art collectors, clad in black and jet setting to the fabulous art fairs? It seems that the globalization of the art world has attracted a new breed of younger, more diverse collectors. Yep -- those Millennials are the fastest-growing segment of art collectors rising to 36%, up 8% from last year. This new generation is causing a big sensation (lest you older folks feel left out, that was a shout out to The Who fans). But women are also a rising presence. With one in three high-net-worth women either owning or being interested in collecting art, women are taking seats at the boardroom table and the collectors dinner table. And the odds are strong that you'll find art collectors in Midtown, home to the largest concentration of cultural venues in the Southeast. Midtown drew more than six million people to experience 25 different arts and cultural venues, more than 30 permanent performing arts groups, and 22 various entertainment facilities. Welcome to the fall social season - go check out some art!

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