The last official day of summer isn't until Sunday, September 23, but fashionistas bidding farewell to white know that Labor Day marks the "unofficial end of summer." It's also a big holiday sale weekend, when back-to-school shopping volume is second only to that of Black Friday. With some schools starting back on the Tuesday after Labor Day, this weekend brings many of us summer's last beach vacation. In fact, Minnesota state law prohibits resuming school before Labor Day. And Virginia's amusement park industry successfully lobbied for legislation requiring most of its state's school districts to start after Labor Day. Georgia, are reading this??

Labor Day weekend also tees off the fall sports season, including kick-off games for the NCAA and NFL, the start of NASCAR and the mid-point between weeks one and two of the US Open Tennis Championships.

Of course, in Atlanta, Labor Day means Dragon Con, the five-day pop culture, fantasy and sci-fi convention that is expected to draw an estimated 80,000 revelers to downtown and raise nearly $85,000 for this year's charity, the American Heart Association’s Georgia Chapter. If you plan to get your freak on, expect to see lots of sci-fi stars including William Shatner, George Takai and others. There's a parade, art show and so much more to do during this super fun and weird Atlanta-only event. Let the rest of the country celebrate with sports and backyard BBQs. Here in Atlanta, we're getting it on with Dragon Con. Enjoy!

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