We took the last bite out of summer with a final vacation to Martha's Vineyard. Why? Here a few things we love about this island off the coast of Massachusetts. First - it's where they filmed "Jaws," Steven Spielberg's iconic horror film about one giant unwelcome guest to the beach party. The fictional town of Amity is set IRL on Martha's Vineyard. Did you know that Spielberg affectionately to the shark as "Bruce" after his lawyer Bruce Ramer?

Second - you never know who you'll see. Countless celebrities from Carly Simon to Michael J. Fox and Larry David vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Guess which celebrity couple just bought a home there? * Third - summer weather on the Vineyard kicks Georgia temps in the pants. And finally - the best reason to keep going back to the same beautiful place is to see all of our friends. Welcome to September, dear readers. May it find you rested and revved for the fall social season. * The Obamas!

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