Who's Thirsty?

Fall ushers in fresh produce, and the farmers markets are ripe with it. Every Saturday we're either at Morningside, Peachtree or the Carter Center and Sundays find us at Grant Park for our favorite farmers markets. But you can find a farmers market any day. Just head to the Community Farmers Market website. The thing is, when you only shop at the grocery store you can lose track of seasons. And like living in Georgia with 90 degree weather in October doesn't make it hard enough to know what season we're in. Plus you get so much more variety and flavor from fresh produce. Take apples, for example. Unlike the ones you find in the grocery store, which are trucked in from all over the country, farmers market apples come fresh from North Georgia orchards. And also unlike the ones at the grocery store, they come in all shapes and sizes, ranges of colors and flavor profiles. We're obsessed! So as we count down the days to the Community Farmers Market's Red Clay Soiree, this year on Friday, November 8 at Summerour Studio, we've got all the fresh fall flavors. Buy your tickets NOW This event will sell out and you won't want to miss it!

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