We're Celebrating National Publicist Day

As publicists, we are always looking for a reason to celebrate. So, when we saw “National Publicists Day” on our calendar, we gave ourselves a little pat on the back for all the work we do.

We got to thinking… what does being a publicist mean to each of us? And then we thought about people who may be interested in diving into this field or looking to hire an agency.

To Liz, it means being a great writer. Our voice is how we communicate our ideas. Great writing is capturing the audience and making them interested in whatever it is we have to say.

For Scottie, our role as being connectors is the core of what it means to be a successful publicist. We are the holders of resources in Atlanta and being able to connect people to these resources is what makes a great PR agency.

Amel sees event planning as where we can really show off our clients with a plan that becomes tangible. Connecting the client to the community through a strategic event is how we push our client out to the masses.

Jackie knows being results driven is at the forefront of what makes a good publicist. Our hard works pays off when we make our clients smile due to the results we are able to deliver. Hustle and passion are at the root of being able to get the best results for our clients.

Amy believes being creative is a must for any publicist. Creativity leaks into everything we do from events and pitches to social media. It helps us stand out from the rest of the pack.

As for our furry “puplicist”, Ranger, he considers the simpler things the most important. Which is why just being a friendly face was his go-to answer. Who doesn’t like to be greeted at the door with a gift? And that gift being his toy of choice and a wagging tail.

So, to all the PR folks out there, today is your day and you deserve to be celebrated.

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