Big Lights, Big City

If you've headed downtown in the last couple of months, you've probably seen that the district is aglow in lights. We learned a little more about it last week and we're cheering on the city's arts and civic leaders as this initiative will help fund public art. You see, with another Central Atlanta Progress annual meeting in the rear view, we are yet again in the know about what's new and exciting about Downtown Atlanta. The organization shifted its meeting this year from a breakfast to a lunch at the State Farm Arena. With Harry The Hawk, a drum line and cheerleaders on hand, the city's top brass settled in to hear what's happening and on the horizon for Downtown Atlanta. And while it may not be as over-the-top as Times Square in New York, we have discovered that downtown now has its own large-scale light displays as part of the Atlanta Arts & Entertainment District (AAED) initiative to help transform downtown's landscape of businesses and hotels from a concrete jungle into something rather resplendent. The effort intends to merge digital media, public art and non-traditional advertising to fund cultural and public space programming in Atlanta’s city center.

Downtown took a cue from Denver's theater district, which used funds raised from its signage program to pay for art installations. Atlanta's efforts are in the works -- some lighted signage is in play and many more will be installed this year -- with the endgame being to add vibrancy to the area and raise money for the arts. We'll just say what you're all thinking, dear readers: You light up my life, Downtown!

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