How to Have a Sweet + Safe Valentine's Day

Hey lovebirds! If you're contributing to the $27.4 million that consumers will spend on candy, flowers and romantic dinners for Valentine's Day this year, you're not alone. On average, we will each spend $196.31 to say "I love you," which is up 21% over last year’s previous record of $161.96.

Sure, we could attribute this surge in spending to a strong economy. But there seems to be another trend in play. While the biggest share of Valentine’s Day spending still goes to spouses and significant others, spending on pets has doubled over the past decade. If you're among the growing number of folks who will make Fido or Slim Kitty your Valentine -- we don't judge! But be careful. Some Valentine's gifts may actually hurt your pets. Did you know that lilies are toxic to cats? Be sure to pull them out of bouquets if they're within kitty's reach. And while we all know chocolate is dangerous to dogs, it's actually dark chocolate that can kill them. That weird fake sweetener xylitol may make your diet Valentine tasty, but it can cause hypoglycemia in pets. Even if you're not among those pet lovers who actually gift your dog or cat on Valentine's Day, be careful with the gifts you exchange with your sweetie. Pets are curious creatures and while candlelit dinners (fire!) and roses (thorns!) sound nice to you, they can also pose hazards to your hound. Keep it safe lovebirds! And make it a great Valentine's Day.

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