Interning at LLPR

After graduating school from SCAD with a fashion degree, I knew exactly what area of the business I wanted to go into but had very little knowledge of how to get my foot in the door. Fortunately, I had the chance to work with a boutique fashion PR firm during Spring/Summer 2019 New York Fashion Week, and after working the shows, I was sold on public relations. Fashion jobs and careers can be limited in Atlanta, so I decided to research general PR firms for internships in the city.

When I came across Liz Lapidus PR, the presentation of the brand and client list drew me in. I know it’s better to show face up than to get lost in a shuffle of emails, so on a sunny afternoon, I took a chance to visit the LLPR office and get my resume into someone’s hands.

Liz herself opened the door, which gave me the advantage to speak with the woman who runs this incredible firm. Her warm nature and bright attitude put me at ease and immediately made me want to work with the company. After my interview process, I was elated to be chosen as an intern.

In my internship, I would have the opportunity to see PR work from the inside out and garner real-world experience for my professional aspirations.

During these past couple of months, it has been thrilling to see how press is created for clients, how a boutique firm handles large scale events, and the role that even someone like me, an intern, plays in the day-to-day operations. This internship has been invaluable not only to my career path and goals, but also in guiding me as a young professional in an office setting, learning to take the initiative and being quick on my feet.

My favorite part about the internship so far is working events, most recently for the grand opening of Bottles & Bones in Suwanee. Working a fashion show is one thing, but a restaurant opening is quite another. As they say, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Being able to work with a client to create an atmosphere, ensuring that guests feel welcomed, and being alert for the unexpected keeps you on your toes. And there’s never a dull moment – which I love.I look forward to working with LLPR on our upcoming spring events and improving on my skills throughout my internship.

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