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Up until a few days ago we had four great events to tell you about. And just like that, everything changed. So, in light of recent events, we scrapped our usual format for this week's newsletter to share with you our PR perspective on these trying times. This is the new reality. There have been some awesome memes going around, but the impact of Coronavirus is no joke. The scary thing is that we really don't know the full impact it will ultimately have on our lives. But we do know that communication is key, and we're advising our clients to get in front of it. You have to imagine that this isn't going away any time soon. So, consider creating a strategic communication plan for how to address your internal teams and external clients. In a time like this, you simply can't over communicate. News is happening at lightning speed. Share what you know and be clear about what you're figuring out. This will eventually pass. And if you are honest and transparent on the front end, you'll earn goodwill going forward. Make sure that everyone on your team -- especially those who are client-facing -- are armed with the best information you have. Conversely, take the time to communicate with your team frequently. Consider that we all may have to work from our homes. If that's the case, you'll need to adjust by conducting more frequent check-ins via phone and teleconference. Assess the myriad of ways you have to get your message out. For example, you can post a note on the home page of your website, push messaging out via your social media channels, send thoughtful messaging via email marketing and pick up the phone. Taking that extra step of making a phone call can instill confidence. We are all adapting and re-thinking the new normal. You may have to change policies to accommodate. We're minimizing our out-of-office meetings as much as possible. Be open to the fact that you simply can't control every part of this fast-paced crisis. Everyone is in a state of flux. The most important thing for all of us now is the health and well-being of our clients, employees, friends and families. Stay safe!

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