The Arts And Music Industry Giving Back

We could all use beauty when the world gets ugly.

Everyone has a story and the arts and music industry are telling their story by giving back.

Costume designers at the Alliance Theatre are sewing much-needed masks and hospital gowns for area hospitals. Dad's Garage and the Center For Puppetry Arts are streaming shows (offering something for everyone!). The High Museum is giving virtual tours. And Jackson Fine Art is amping up its virtual capabilities. We could all use beauty when the world gets ugly. There is some great music coming out of this as well. Our fave Atlanta DJ Yvonne Monet hit Facebook Live for a rocking set over the weekend that made us smile and feel connected. Our pal Bill Kaelin created this Spotify playlist. Rita Wilson blows our minds rapping Naughty By Nature's "Hip Hop Hurray" on instagram. Also on instagram, Anthony Hopkins plays piano to his cat (and we can't help thinking about fava beans and chianti...). And #TogetherAtHome with Chris Martin is super soulful.

Be sure to follow us on social for more inspiring stories and don't forget -- during times like these -- a little good news goes a long way. Enjoy ours. And share yours. We'd love to hear from you!

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