FOGO is The New FOMO

Memorial Day Weekend marked the unofficial start of summer. We have traditionally celebrated by traveling to a beach or kicking back in Atlanta while enjoying light traffic and easily attainable restaurant reservations. Not this year. AAA didn't even try to forecast how many Americans would "see USA in a Chevrolet." I can only imagine how that Zoom call went down. Probably similar to many of our Zoom calls, which start with, "I don't have a crystal ball, but..." Sure, there were things to do here. In fact, IRL activities are starting to add to the mix of virtual events. But, do you feel comfortable with the idea of being in a crowd? That viral video of the packed pool party in the Ozarks was a shocker. Yet, it presents a pretty clear divide in our culture, between those who want to get back out there and the others who want to continue to shelter in place. That brings us to the latest trend called FOGO. Yep, fear of going out. After the crushing news that J.C. Penney joined the likes of J.Crew and Neiman Marcus in bankruptcy, still-standing-retailers are hustling. With holiday sales in full swing, mostly masked shoppers flocked to the malls for deals. But you have to wonder if they would have gone regardless. Some of us just have to get back on the horse. Plenty of folks did get back on planes this weekend. While only a modest bump compared to pre-pandemic stats, more people took to air travel than they had in months. Interesting, considering the cringe-inducing photo of a packed United flight that circulated just a couple of weeks ago. Still, Hertz filed for bankruptcy. So, what's the good news? We got you! Our amazing new intern Brad Freedman turned us on to this exciting report: the NBA is considering resuming its season at Disney World, which sounds like a win/win partnership for both parties. NASCAR started racing again, now with empty stands, and the PGA brought us some good laughs over the weekend as Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning teamed up in a hilariously barb-packed tourney against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady with the notoriously crappy golfer Charles Barkley commentating. In our years of being married to a golfer, we have never enjoyed the game as much as we did with this one. In art news, how about 1,000 murals by 1,000 artists in 100 cities? Yes, please! And right here in our backyard, the artist Yehimi Cambron is installing a butterfly mural in Hapeville. Jackson Fine Art (JFA) created this super cool video for its new app. It's peach season in Georgia. Now, that's good news! We hauled home a giant box of peaches from the Grant Park Farmers Market this past Sunday and have been shipping cases of peaches to friends and family around the country. We're not gonna lie... we can't wait to put our toes back in the Martha's Vineyard sand, hit bustling Broadway to catch the hottest new play, wake up at our friend Annette Joseph's Italian villa to the smell of fresh baked bread and walk along the quiet shores of old Miami staring across Biscayne Bay. In due time.

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