My Time Interning at LLPR

Subconsciously, I have always held myself to a higher standard than most.

Do the best.

Be the best.

Let them remember you.

We all fully have a desire to maximize our lives. Especially in the times we have been surrounded by, change and wanting to do something that you will be remembered by is the forefront of so many people’s minds.

It is a change that is a long time coming.

I started my summer early, as did most collegiate students around the nation. I am a rising sophomore at the University of Kentucky. Living in the heart of Lexington, where the fields of flowing solidago and galloping thoroughbreds encompass the area, has always been a dream of mine.

For months, I had been experiencing the time of my life. I was meeting new people to be inspired by, learning new things that fascinated me and I was surrounded by a whole new world. All until I was forced into my Toyota with my possessions to make the drive back to Atlanta.

That is when I found, Liz Lapidus Public Relations.

Being a summer intern was always on my list. I wanted to work, yet more importantly work for a company that stood for the greatest parts of communication and people. I was looking for a company that stood for those wanting to make a change.

Man, did I find the right place for me.

I started my virtual internship in May and have had the absolute time of my life. Every morning I wake up, I am given tasks that are exciting; things that make me feel as though I am a part of the difference. I was nervous about the entire experience for weeks before I began.

What if I hate it?

What if I don’t learn anything?

Will it all have been a waste?

All those questions were thrown out the moment I started. The things I have learned with LLPR are more than I ever expected. They include me in their everyday tasks, meeting and check in on me constantly. It is a like a room full of employers who are thinking of you.

Amid the chaos in Atlanta, I was able to have frank, adult conversations about the condition of the world. No judgment, no scoffing; just pure interest in one another's thoughts. That is something that I will take with me forever.

It was then I realized that I was in a place where I was doing my best, being the best version of myself and getting to be a part of something so much bigger than myself.

With all the concepts of change in the air, a quote comes to mind that has resonated with me in recent times:

“People go, but how they left always stays.” - Rupi Kaur, Milk & Honey

Change is going to happen, and I am honored that LLPR is giving me a chance to be a part of it.

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