Are You Ready For Your Closeup?

Our dear friend Craig Miller's film "Only" hit the top 10 most watched movies on Netflix last week. And for good reason!! Centered on a couple enduring a self-imposed quarantine to escape the ravages of a pandemic, it's beautifully shot around the state of (wait for it!) Georgia. Ever since the shut down (to escape the ravages of a pandemic), I couldn't help thinking that our multi-billion-dollar film industry stood the best chance of helping our state's economy rebound, if only they could figure out how to safely operate a film set based on best practices from the CDC and GDPH. Today, we are one step closer to re-launching the movie business here with the Georgia Film Academy’s (GFA) first-ever COVID Compliance Course (CCC). Free to film and television production workers, casts, and crew, GFA’s CCC provides an unprecedented virtual training program of safety and sanitation best practices and procedures for anyone who works on a film set in Georgia.

The two-part course is comprised of instructional videos. The first addresses basic safety and sanitation procedures for working on-set. The second component is a series of shorter, craft-specific videos. Graduates receive certificates of completion from GFA and a handbook of recommended protocols and procedures. Created in 2015 to put Georgians to work in all aspects of the state's explosive film industry, GFA’s veteran film instructors have incorporated the most up-to-date protocols from the CDC and GDPH to create individualized, trade-specific crafts on film sets. Are you ready for your closeup? I am! I took the course and learned a lot. If this PR gig doesn't work out... you may just find me on-set. Action!

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