Look Who's On Good Morning America

They say you pay for advertising and pray for PR. To that end, I've been praying hard for decades. PR looks a lot more glamorous from the outside. Back when we used to have actual events, while you were sipping champagne and nibbling catered canapes, my team was setting up, cleaning up and extinguishing the occasional dumpster fire. I'll save you the details, because no one likes to see how we make the sausage. Suffice it to say, we work hard for our clients. Building brands, exceeding expectations and making key connections is what we do. We create customized solutions for every client, and what defines a win differs with each campaign. Regardless, we tap into our deep connections and expansive "Rolodex" to make sure our clients reach their target audiences. The extent to which we pray simply means we don't pay for results. We carefully curate narratives that we hope will connect with the readers, listeners and viewers of the media we pitch. A hit on "Good Morning America" is the jackpot. And that's what we made happen last week! Our client Helping Mamas is Georgia's only baby supply bank. Since the onset of COVID, the need for diapers, wipes and period products has skyrocketed. And this small-but-mighty non-profit continues to do the hard work. Started by a social worker, who when confronted by moms washing disposable diapers knew there had to be a better way, from its inception the organization has continued to grow and evolve. During the pandemic, Helping Mamas' hard work caught the attention of national news. Not every day yields a huge reward, but we savor them when they do. This win is made even sweeter since it comes in support of such a great cause.

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