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While the heat can't deny this is August, it's hard to believe we're entering month six of a pandemic. Rates of coronavirus infections are surging around the nation and Georgia finds itself on the cover of the New York Times for leading the pack. Crime continues to escalate as frustration mounts over rising jobless rates. And Congress can't seem to agree on a plan to keep small businesses afloat. We turn to the immortal Talking Heads to sum it up best: "you may ask yourself, well how did I get here?" Clearly the world has changed in irreversible ways, and we're not getting back to "normal" anytime soon. Still, our clients are doing good work. The Georgia Film Academy launched its Covid Compliance Course as a tool to re-open film sets and put Georgians back to work. Based on guidelines by the CDC, it's a free course that demonstrates best practices to safely run a film set. Check out Executive Director Jeffrey Stepakoff on "Good Day Atlanta." Helping Mamas continues to provide diapers, wipes and period products to girls and women in need. Consider that many low income girls got their period products at school. With schools closed, Helping Mamas is filling a necessary gap. In case you missed last week's newsletter, we landed this amazing nonprofit on Good Morning America. Hillels of Georgia is helping Jewish students keep the faith on campuses throughout the state. As universities condense their semesters, students won't necessarily be able to head home for the holidays. Hillel will offer Shabbat in a box and virtual programming. In addition, they're supporting Black Lives Matter. Read more about that here. Michael Coles shares inspiring insights for overcoming adversity on Ryan Millsap's "The Blackhall Studios Podcast." Coles started Great American Cookies with an $8,000 investment and grew it to a $100 million business, but he nearly burned down the mall on opening day. Second Helpings Atlanta is partnered with Atlanta Community Food bank to fire back up corporate kitchens with a goal to cook 500,000 meals this summer for families in need. It's a two-fold win: first, they're tackling food insecurity and second, this program puts kitchen staff back to work. Hear more from Andrea Jaron's interview with Virginia Prescott on GPB. We're trying to focus on the positive, and our clients make it easy. Hopefully these unprecedented times will only happen "Once in a Lifetime."

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